To help you through these uncertain times, we've put together a special report outlining 5 Ways Events of 2020 May Be Affecting Your Retirement & What You Can Do About It.

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      If you're here, you may be looking for a partnership. Our clients work in a collaborative relationship with Wealth Optimization & Protection Strategist Adam Goodman.

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      Are you retired or nearing retirement?

      People and families close to retirement are our most common clients. We create customized, comprehensive financial plans based on your unique goals.

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    We help with

    Lifestyle & Asset Protection Strategies

    We guide clients through the process of identifying the risks that apply to them, and explore the common ways or in some cases their unique opportunities to address them.

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    Investment Management

    With over 25 years of personal risk management experience, comparing and analyzing options as well as providing customized investment recommendations, Adam Goodman has a high degree of conviction in two areas.

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    Retirement Income Planning

    We utilize 3 different strategies that can be used in a retirement income plan. They all have pros and cons. Some have guarantees*, others don’t. Some provide a lot of flexibility, others little. Some have a lot of growth potential, others have no loss potential

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    Tax Planning

    We look for opportunities to make improvements in reducing future tax liability on favorable terms, and generally recommend not solely making an investment decision due to a tax benefit. Taxation is just one of many important factors to consider.

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    Estate & Legacy

    Estate planning combines having the right legal documents in place as well as the optimal financial solutions based on ones desires

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